Friday, April 3, 2009

WAaa!!!TAGGED... noor adirah abdul aziz
02.hobbies: ermmmm a lot:D
03.gender: Girl
04.age: 16 years 4 month of birth: 21th august 1992
06.horoscope: leo LEBEST
08.address: yg pasti ade kat malaysia add: straight and black kowt
11.eye colour: dark brown maybe.. colour: black kowt hahahahaha..
13.right or left handed: left
14.marital status: ;)
15.siblings: 9 out of 9..
16.when's ur bedtime: bile2 pn bole u hav a car: nope for now..
18.what type of car do you want: sporty and smart
20.brand pe: ferrari bley wa sokong proton of coz;)
21.tried smoking: Don't want to be an addict about it..
22.drink alc0h0l: not at all
23.been hurt emotionally: it's normal..
24.kept a secret from anyone: Yup of coz la
25.been on stage?: huhu..tergagap ak
.26.color: pink , black,white,red : x terkire ;p
28.drinks: ice lemon tea..
29.number: 8 kowt coz lucky num..
31.sports: x terer lgsg.. ;D : love story : action n advanture
34.subject: Science..(sounds nerdy??) ;D
35.friends: rhsie..
36.wearing now: kasual
37.hairstyle: ponytail??hahaXD
38.looking at: Screen monitor
39.thinking of: spm all the time
40.listening to: miss independent : ma parent n somebody in my heart..
42.fate? : Emm..
43.urself: best XD
44.ghost : scared ;p
45.angel : hahahaha
47.cleaned ur room:of coz i'm so into with ma room..
48.cried: ble terase kowt..hehehehe tp x selalu doe
49.met someone new: yes
50.last person i talk to on the phone: Ma sis u hav a gf/bf: hahahaha SECRET dowh..
52.hav a secret admirer:dun know...
53.Do you wanna get married?: Hot & Cold u plan on having kids?: Yes of coz!
55.hw old u wanna be when u get married? : 25?
56.hw old u wanna be when u hav ur first baby? : OMG....tuu rezeki many kids do u want: ermmm dun know..
58.would u hav kids before marriage: i dont want to lose my virgin yet.. u hav a crush: hehehe SECRET
60.wat do u want most in a relationship: romantic,kind,like kids,and of coz handsome or black: pink
62.kiss or hug: both
63.summer or winter: i love summer
64.sunny or rainy: Rainy
65.chocolate or vanilla:vanilla
66.hanging out or chilling: hanging out or tv: Both of it
68.nite or day: Day
69.dolls or robots: dolls....haha ;D
70.sleepin or eatin: Both of it or lust: Love
72.silver or gold: silver gold
73.sunrise or sunsets: God's both of it.. or in person: in person
75.diamond or pearl: diamond
p/s:sesape yg terbace rajin kan lew diri kamu utk wat nyep lau sudi lew.........

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