Friday, January 9, 2009


Today is another bad day to me.......i have lost all the contact numbers in my phone,damp it!!!Its started when i exchange my phone all of the sudden when i'm going to do a call,there is no number listed in the phone OMG!!!!!What's going on......huhuhu.So now i'm trying my bezz to find the number again day started full of suprising!!!This morning my mum woke me up and ask me to accompany her to the market but i'm refuse coz i'm too sleepy..hehehehe soeeeeey mum then she ask me to called my sis.Bla..bla..bla.....i'm continue my 'work'....about half an hour later on my phone ringing but i juz ignore it....hahahaha.About an hour later,i heard someone knocked my door....'adik bangun lew mok lah mari nip....adik fitri pown datang...'i know that was abah without wasting time,taking bath and ready to meet my aunt.Actually she's my mum sis,mok lah and her family came to Terengganu wanna to eat Nasi Dagang..hahahaha unbelieveable from Kelantan to Terengganu juzz wanna to eat Nasi Dagang!!The one who called me is mok lah....hikhiks.They alwayzz like that besides wanna to visit us.....When i saw Fitri i'm so suprise,i think after the operation he will lose his weight but irony now bigger than before...ahakzzz.Fitri is my cousin's child,he's about 26 months and his weight 30 kilogrammes ish3x....his mother told us that he loves curry very much.So today my mum decide to cook curry so works as a team to serve it with the bezz eva my mum recipe....its so delicous thnxx mum!!!So today i spent a lot my time palying and teasing fitri and his brother as well as my nephew and 5 p.m mok lah and family homed.I'm alone again but not really alone coz i have abah and mak.....errmm i will post fitri pic later on guys.Bubye!!!!

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